I sent my meat supplier and friend, Ted Slanker a link to this article and stated, "Ted, here's the problem with this study... I generally agree with this outcome when using the American meat supply which is purposefully impregnated with the Fusarium mold mycotoxins, Zearalenone (Ralgro) and sometimes antibiotic mycotoxins also. But this study took place in Finland, a country that disallows Ralgro in their do we account for this? Diet rich in animal protein is associated with a greater risk of early death

You might know my friend, Ted Slanker of He is a smart guy and I thought you'd like to read his response. - Doug Kaufmann


studies based on questionnaires, some 20 years prior to the conclusion, are highly unreliable. There are so many factors involved in diet that a simple questionnaire at the beginning of a 20-year study that assumes no changes for 20 years (?????) tells us very little. Many of the meat eaters 20 years ago may have been big grain eaters, desert eaters, and coke drinkers their entire lives. Lots of sweets! Their EFA profiles may have been up around 17:1 just like the military boys. And we know Omega-6 well in excess of Omega -3 is inflammatory and inflammation has a lot to do with heart disease. So a life of excess Omega-6 and lots of sugar may have WAY MORE to do with the death rate than the red meat. The participants may have also consumed more alcohol, been smokers, stayed up late, and had other bad lifestyle habits. In other words, they may have played hard and were put away wet most of their lives.

Some may have even been vegetarians when they died! Who knows?

The report concluded:

Our results suggest that higher protein intake may be associated with a higher risk of HF in middle-aged and older men. Further studies in diverse study populations are needed to elucidate the role of protein intake in the pathogenesis of HF.

The bold print is my emphasis.

A few weeks ago I wrote a column about a very similar study. It reviewed an appalling study and lots of people believe worthless studies that real scientists throw in the trash. Look at the link. It was very similar to the Finnish study.



You can view the actual Finnish report here. I wonder what motivated the sponsors of the report?

Sources of Funding
This study was supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation North Savo Regional fund (H.E.K. Virtanen), Päivikki and Sakari Sohlberg Foundation (H.E.K. Virtanen), Paavo Nurmi Foundation (H.E.K. Virtanen), and the Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists (H.E.K. Virtanen).

We can't escape all mycotoxin and mold sources. We can minimize. And then we must bolster our immunity to the max. Immunity studies indicate that EFA ratios below 2:1 are best. 1:1 is even better.

The quantity of mycotoxins in meat (even feedlot beef) is less than many plants based foods. For certain grains, seeds, nuts, and quite often fruit are loaded.

If people stick to grass-fed meats, omega-3 meats, wild caught seafood, and the better vegetables they are good to go. Maybe a tad of low glycemic fruit. Nuts sparingly and then restricted to mostly macadamia nuts. There are may heart studies that indicate societies that ate meat and veggies had lower incidences of heart disease. And when the western foods were introduced, their incidences of heart disease and diabetes soared.

- Ted Slanker