Jul, 17
 msmith Far infrared saunas area a particular type of dry sauna. Infrared saunas contain lamps that emit a wavelength of light known as infrared light. Infrared light waves are not within the spectrum of visible light, so your eyes don't perceive them. 

Some studies have been conducted on the penetrative properties of infrared light. Some of those studies have shown that infrared light penetrates deep into skin, breaking up toxins stored in the fat molecules of cells. This is ideal in a sauna setting, where your body is eliminating toxins via sweat. Infrared saunas may allow your body maximum detoxification; infrared light breaks up toxins and the process of sweating carries them out of the body. (Try taking a vasodilator such as flush niacin before entering an infrared sauna; the increased blood flow aids in cells giving up their waste, as well.)

Use an infrared sauna as part of your health protocol. Ask your doctor's advice before enjoying the benefits of a sauna; temperatures can get as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


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