Oct, 05

5 Super Foods For Brain Health


In our over-stressed, over-worked, over-stimulated lifestyle, we know that the world we live in can have a negative effect on our bodies. Science continues to affirm the fact that stress and hectic lifestyle have deleterious effects on our overall health and can contribute to disease. Knowing these things, it is important to mitigate and manage stress. Two of the ways we can help support health via our diet and healthy exercise. 

One of the parts of the body that may bear a good portion of the burden of our hectic, stressful lifestyles is our brain. As the body’s main control center, the brain is the area that processes many of the stressors in the outside world and prompts the body’s physical reaction to those stressors. The brain is also where we perceive and process our emotional health. Considering the (literally) millions of other functions the brain performs, it is important to keep our brains in their best functioning order. 

It may not be obvious, but health problems having to do with the brain are quite common. Many people today struggle with problems such as anxiety, “brain fog” and problems with cognitive function, depression and mood problems or problems with memory. On the most serious end of the spectrum, Alzheimer’s disease is a concern for many people. (For more information on the Fungus Link to brain problems, check out our store!) Knowing the ubiquity of these problems emphasizes the importance of supporting a healthy brain. 


Unlike organs such as the heart, liver or other organs we are more aquatinted with “supporting” via diet, exercise or supplementation, we may not think about supporting brain health quite as much, but there are some simple things you can do that will help support and nourish the brain. Of course, the basic-common sense items apply here. Diet and exercise are key. If you are struggling with brain problems, a Phase One Diet for a month might help to clear some of those problems up. Getting plenty of sleep is an important part of maintaining strong, cognitive function. 

In addition a Phase One Diet, exercise and proper sleep, there are some specific, Phase One-approved super foods that may aid in supporting a healthy brain. 

Blueberries seem to be good for pretty much everything, but among their legion of benefits is their ability to prevent oxidative stress in the brain. 

Healthy Oils
Your brain is made up of a lot of fat, so eating healthy kinds of fat is a good way to give it the building blocks it needs to maintain itself. Healthy oils, such as olive oil, are rich in vitamin E and may help prevent cognitive decline. 

Eating healthy fish, particularly fish such as salmon, and tuna that are rich in Omega 3s are winners for brain health. Omega 3s are known to improve mood and combat depression. 

Rich in healthy fats, avocados support healthy hearts and blood flow, which can help keep the brain healthy, as well. 

Nuts & Seeds
High in vitamin E and good fats, eating nuts and seeds regularly may work towards protecting your brain and preventing cognitive decline.