Oct, 30

Healthy Meats on Phase One


When on the Phase One Diet, you are encouraged to eat many different kinds of healthy meats. This isn't to say you should eat any and all kinds of meat. There are some kinds of meat that should likely be avoided on Phase One. There are also healthy meats that will get preference over other kinds of meat.

Let's start with some kinds of meat you should avoid. To begin with, heavily processed meats should probably be avoided. These come in the form of sausages and deli meats. The problem isn't necessarily with the meat, itself, so much as it is with the additives in these kinds of meat. Sodium nitrate and nitrite are two chemicals used as preservatives––especially in meat products such as sausage––that have been shown to cause health problems, including cancer. Also, sugar is regularly added to different kinds of deli meats. A good rule of thumb is that the more processed a meat product is, the less likely it is fit for your Phase one Diet.

Another category of meat products to be careful of and try to avoid are the cured meat products. Cured meats are often cured with sugar, and many also contain sodium nitrates and nitrites. This, unfortunately, often includes many types of bacon, although it is possible to find uncured varieties that are void of any additives.


The next type of meat to be careful of is meat from conventionally raised animals, and this is for two reasons. Conventionally raised animals are often fed a diet that is unnatural to them. Consider the case of cows; a cow is a ruminant, which means its natural diet is grass. Their stomach is specifically designed to digest grass, yet conventionally raised animals are routinely fed a diet of corn. There are a number of reasons why conventional farmers do this, but the end result is meat that isn't as healthy as it could otherwise be. Secondly, conventionally raised animals are often given growth hormones and antibiotics. These substances can make their way into the food supply.

Organic Meat
Organic meat is encouraged on the Phase one Diet. In order to be labeled organic, food must meet strict guidelines set forth by the USDA. These include the eliminating of antibiotics and hormones in the farming process in the case of meat. Organic meat is often more expensive, but for your health's sake, it may be worth the investment.

The type of meat preferred on the Phase one Diet is grass fed, pastured or wild caught varieties of meat, according to the kind of meat you're buying. For cows, bison and other ruminants, this means grass-fed, since grass a ruminant's natural diet. In the case of chicken or turkey, pastured animals are preferred. With fish and other types of meat, wild-caught is typically preferred over farmed. The philosophy is that the more natural an animals diet, the healthier the meat will be.

Meat is encouraged on Phase one, but certain kinds are preferred over others. Be careful about the kind of meat you buy for you and your family.


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