Mar, 25

Can Candida Cause Health Problems?


Often people who find our website are wondering, can candida cause health problems? Generally, your doctor will tell you that candida can cause only superficial problems, unless you are severely immunocompromised. However, there is evidence to suggest that candida and other kinds of yeast can cause more serious problems, and these problems can often be difficult to diagnose.

A number of authors, researchers and physicians have written about the myriad of problems caused by yeast. Host of Know the Cause, Doug Kaufmann is but one with his Fungus Link Series, available here on our site. There is also The Yeast Connection, by Dr. William Crook, the Fungal Bionics series by Dr. A.V. Costantini, et al. and a variety of others. So while the idea that yeast causes health problems is definitely not mainstream, it is not without merit in the scientific and medical community.

Because the fact that yeast causing health problems beyond the superficial is not widely accepted in the medical community, this can create problems for the rest of us, because we believe those problems often go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. Couple this with the fact that problems caused by yeast can often present as other problems which your doctor will then try to treat, and patients can go on an endless trail of different prescription combinations, never really finding relief. The whole time, the underlying cause is never addressed.

The good news is that, if you are suffering from yeast related problems, there may be a way to simultaneously discover if yeast is causing your problems and eliminate the problems, at once. This is the purpose of the Phase One Diet –– to combat pathogenic yeasts. If after two to six weeks on the diet, you find that your health problems have subsided or disappeared, you may have discovered what the root of the problem was all along.

The Phase One Diet eliminates grains, corn, sugar, starchy foots, sweet fruits, most dairy, alcohol and peanuts. In lieu of these foods, one focuses on vegetables, eggs, lean meats, less sweet varieties of fruits, and healthy fats. This works to deprive yeasts of their favorite food––sugar. In addition, including natural anti-fungals and probiotics may aid in eliminating yeasts and preventing their return.

Yeasts can and do cause health problems. Other types of fungi, including mold and mildew, can also cause health problems. For more information on the fungus link to disease, be sure to check out our book store.


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