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Thyroid Problems, Fungi and Mycotoxins


The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland sitting at the base of the neck. It’s primary role is the secretion of several hormones known together as thyroid hormones. These hormones regulate several functions in the body, from metabolism, growth, development to body temperature.

Problems with the thyroid afflict as many as 30 million Americans, with perhaps over half going undiagnosed. The majority of those sufferers are women, particularly in the case of autoimmune diseases that affect the thyroid. In the case of thyroid problems, the thyroid can either over-produce or under-produce the hormones it makes. The subsequent over or under production of thyroid hormones can cause a number of symptoms in people.

As with most autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems are considered to be of unknown etiology. In other words, they “just happen”.

We have gotten used to the idea that our physicians often simply do not know what causes our health problems. Indeed, often they do not. But what the Fungus Link to Disease theory says is that maybe, there is a simple, underlying cause to most health problems, particuarly those of unknown origin! Fungi and the poisons they emit can cause serious problems in we humans; the scary part is that your doctor likely knows very little about the effects those fungi or their poisons can have on the human body, because he or she learned very little about them in medical school.

Regardless, it is known and documented that fungi and their poisons contaminate parts of our food supply, particularly grains, corn and peanuts. Given that these comprise a good portion of what many people consume every day––either in their whole form or in the processed foods that are so commonly a part of people’s every day diets––we know that many are exposed to mycotoxins on a regular basis.

In the case of thyroid problems, fungi and mycotoxins are known hormone disruptors. This means that perhaps, it is within the realm of possibly that fungi and mycotoxins lie at the root of your thyroid problems. Particularly, if your diet is rich in grains, corns, peanuts, alcohol, etc., you could be regularly subjecting yourself to poisons that disrupt your thyroid hormones.

Often, your doctor will roundly reject this notion. However, if fungi do lie at the root of your hormone problems, it is possible that changing your diet could have some effect on those problems. Simply switching to an anti-fungal program, such as the Phase One Diet, may aid in the mitigating those symptoms. If changing your diet does affect your hormone problems, you may have discovered what lies at the root of those problems. (Always get your doctor’s permission before making drastic changes to your diet.)


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