We talk a lot about diet at Know the Cause, because diet is a key component to good health. Science continues to avow the benefits of a healthy diet in regards to how healthy one is and stays throughout life. We learn more and more every day about the ways diet can either prevent or encourage the disease process.

Diet is also one of your first lines of defense against pathogenic fungi and the poisons they emit. Diet can work against fungi in two ways: First, diet can starve pathogenic fungi inside the body. By starving fungi of their favorite food––sugar, and carbohydrate-laden/starchy foods that immediately convert to sugar upon digestion––one can help prevent fungal proliferation throughout the body. Secondly, by eliminating foods commonly contaminated with mycotoxins, such as grains, corn, peanuts, pistachios, etc., one can limit one’s exposure to mycotoxins, or fungal poisons that can pose serious health threats to we humans.

Many people find that after going on an anti-fungal program, they feel much better and whatever symptoms they may have been experiencing begin to subside.

Concomitant to diet, though, is exercise. No other component of health comes as close to diet as being so important for good health other than exercise. While diet may remain the most important part of good health, exercise is so close that they are virtually equals. The two compliment each other, boosting each other’s beneficial effects.

Despite the fact that many of us remain sedentary, we all know by now that we should be exercising. The benefits of exercise are too numerous to count; science continues to show us that exercising has benefits for everything from brain health to heart health to bone health to improving one’s state of mind. Exercise has even been shown to help people live longer!

In addition to the legion of other benefits exercise confers, exercise can boost immune health, which is key in the prevention of pathogenic fungal infections. Also, during exercise, you flood your body with oxygen. Many fungi thrive in lower-oxygen environments; by introducing high levels of oxygen into the body, you may be helping eradicate internal, pathogenic fungi from inside your body.

Exercise is a critical component of health, and not just because of all of it’s known health benefits. Exercise is a key piece to the Phase One Diet and plan to protect oneself from pathogenic fungi. If you are sedentary, or do not have an exercise plan in place, beginning an exercise regimen is just as important as eliminating grains, sugar and corn from your diet. Start today and see how much better you feel! (Always seek your doctor’s permission before beginning an exercise regimen. If you are new to exercise, hiring a personal trainer to get you started may be a good way to safely begin an exercise regimen.)


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