Jun, 29

Eliminating Carbs Might Assist With The Anti-Fungal Component of The Kaufmann Diet

When you are eating on the Kaufmann Diet, you are already eliminating many of the carbohydrates many people eat every day as a regular part of their diet. Foods like bread, pasta, potatoes, crackers, chips, and many snack foods are eliminated.

Most of these foods, with a few exceptions, are generally simple, refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates typically consist of foods made from grains, wherein the fiber and wheat germ are removed, leaving only the starchy component of wheat. The fiber and germ, however, are where most of the would-be nutrition is in wheat. This means that foods high in refined carbohydrates are generally void of much nutrition.

What you are left with is food high in starch, which subsequently converts to sugar very quickly during digestion. For those ostensibly suffering from pathogenic fungal infections, this can be a problem. Pathogenic yeasts and fungi thrive on sugar, and regularly giving these organisms a steady supply of their favorite food source means they will likely do nothing but flourish in the body, wreaking havoc on your health.

This is the reason why the Kaufmann Diet eliminates these kinds of foods, in addition to foods high in sugar, added sugar, or even naturally occurring sugar, such as fruits. For the most part, foods higher in carbohydrates are eliminated as well.

Not all carbohydrates are eliminated, though. Some foods, such as berries, some nuts, carrots, and quinoa are higher in carbohydrates but are still permitted on the Kaufmann Diet. So while the Kaufmann Diet does restrict carbohydrates––at least, many of the carbohydrates many people are accustom to eating––it does not eliminate carbs altogether, by any means. In fact, it is totally possible to do a high-carb version of the Kaufmann Diet.

The opposite is true, too, and for many people, restricting carbohydrates, even more, might be a good strategy. Particularly, if you have been on the Kaufmann Diet for some time and feel like you have hit a plateau, it might be beneficial to experiment with restricting carbohydrates. This might accelerate the elimination of fungi, weight loss, and the mitigation of symptoms. Often, the Kaufmann Diet is as much about finding what works for you and your health as it is anything else.

This is what a simple, low-carb shopping list would look like on the Kaufmann Diet:

Greens, such as kale, spinach, romaine, etc.
Brussels Sprouts
Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit
Bell Peppers
Grass-fed beef, bison, lamb
Pastured chicken, duck
Organic, uncured bacon
Organic Pork
Wild caught salmon, shrimp, tuna
Olive oil
Nuts like macadamias and walnuts (avoid cashews and almonds)
Seeds like pumpkin seeds
Organic heavy cream, cream cheese