Sep, 03

kyle-drew-bw-small First - Who said there are no carbs on Phase One? I juice almost everyday, and I’ve calculated that my giant green juice has about 60 grams of carbs. My strawberry-cashew-olive oil-cream summer breakfast salad is loaded with carbs. My autumn pumpkin smoothies are carbohydrate-rich. And all of it is Phase One.

On Phase one, you can go high-carb, low-carb or even no carb. Whatever you want. It’s just that the carbs you do consume won’t come from wheat, rye, corn, sugar, and certain other grains.

Second – If you did do a low-carb or a no carb version of Phase one, the research done on ketogenic diets, Atkins, and other diets has definitively shown that humans can thrive on very little carbohydrate intake. Certain amino acids from protein can actually behave like carbohydrates in the body. Stored fat – which is what all of us hope to burn more of – is an excellent, long-lasting source of fuel for the body and brain.

So, please don’t think of Phase one as being a no carb diet. You’ll be eating lots of vegetables, all of which contain carbohydrates. If you choose to do a low-carb version, just know that carbohydrates are like kindling when you’re starting a fire. They burn quickly, and then they’re out. Not much is required of them in the human diet for average people.

Just try Phase one, and see if your energy doesn’t steadily improve – with or without a lot of carbohydrates for kindling.



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