Jul, 19

We’re Being Drugged

doug-headshot-bw Many of you were kind enough to forward me the recent article linking antibiotics to eczema. As you may know, I worked at a large hospital here in Dallas for several years with David Weakley, MD, a respected dermatologist. We would see many cases of eczema completely recover with simple dietary changes.

In others, our phase one diet for a few weeks offered slight results, but Dr. Weakley encouraged this group to try Nystatin, a safe and very effective prescriptive antifungal medication. Those who had minimal improvement on the Nystatin and diet often tried the systemic antifungal drug, Diflucan for a few weeks.

MY TAKE - Simply type in the words “antibiotics linked to” into a search engine and the obvious conclusion is immediately available to anyone, including physicians. Here are some of the conditions now being associated with antibiotic intake; celiac disease, sudden death, diarrhea, kidney injuries, heart attacks, strokes, sudden cardiac death, depression, weight gain, MRSA, autism, c. diff and cancer. Mind you, this is a partial list, and it excludes eczema! 

Why is this, since antibiotics are prescribed to make us better? As it turns out, antibiotics are fungal metabolites called “mycotoxins.” Mycotoxins are poisonous chemicals, so it should shock no one that these medications are so intimately linked with illness and death. What should shock us is the fact that 80% of Americans are prescribed antibiotics every year. 

So…we likely have an answer to the age-old question as to why we Americans are so listless, fatigued, depressed and diseased. I think the answer is very simple… we’re being drugged. 


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