Jul, 23

The Fungus Link to AIDS

doug-headshot-bw AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus They are related conditions.

The African diet is rich in corn and peanuts.
Corn and peanuts are often infected with Aspergillus mold.
Aspergillus mold makes aflatoxin, a poisonous mycotoxin.

Two tubes of blood are drawn from 314 African AIDS patients.
One tube from each patient is tested for HIV
The other tube is tested for mold (aflatoxin).

Positive HIV tests are then tested for a “viral load,” which varies
depending upon how much HIV is in your blood.

The higher the mold count was in the blood,
The higher the HIV viral load was.
This proves a fungal cause to AIDS

The drug Diflucan was developed for AIDS patients in the 1980’s
and is still used today. It does not kill viruses, but it does kill fungi.

AIDS patients die of fungal diseases.

Is the HIV test a mold test or a “viral” test?
Does HIV exist when fungus is the cause? 
Should HIV be immediately renamed HIF?


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