doug-headshot-bw Is this worrying you? If you’re the typical fast food eating, high stress, sedentary American, it should. Even if you are, however, I am the bearer of great news for you.

A changed diet and probiotics will probably make all of the difference for you. No, they won’t prevent your exposure to these germs, but they might build a barrier that prevents the exposure from causing the illness. Why? As I have said on my TV show often, those who enhance their intestinal terrain with good food, probiotics and good supplements, in addition to leading healthy lifestyles, are the ones who are exposed to the germs (ie.. fungus), but don’t seem to get sick. Don’t live your life full of fear worrying about cancer, high cholesterol or the flu when these are preventable health problems.

We all have heard of Louis Pasteur, after whom the process of pasteurization was named. One of his friends, Claude Bernard, always argued against Pasteur’s theory that it was exposure to germs that caused illness. Bernard felt that it was the “soil” within the gut (today called the “microbial terrain”) that somehow prevented the sickness from occurring even in those who had been exposed to the germs. As the story goes, on his deathbed in 1895, Pasteur acknowledged that Bernard was correct.

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