Feb, 11

Mold and Fungus and Cancer


I’ve been arguing for decades that cancer and fungus are equally yoked.
So when I read this headline the other day on Yahoo.com, I just smiled.
Puppy Detects Owner’s Breast Cancer


Of course the puppy did! And he could have also accurately detected that same “cancer” behind her laundry room wall! Only it wouldn’t be called “cancer” behind the wall. It would then be called “mold.”

It is not coincidental that the two following studies cleave together so well with the puppy story above. See if you agree with me.

Published on The Washington Post in 2004, “According to scientist Paul Waggoner, interim director of Auburn University's Canine and Detection Research Institute, a dog's sense of smell is at least a thousand times more sensitive than a human's…Their reliability depends on their training. Under the right conditions and right training, dogs are able to be 90 percent accurate in identifying a substance like mold." Did he say, “substances LIKE mold?”

Published on WebMD, “The new study, which is published in the European Respiratory Journal, found that four trained dogs -- two German shepherds, an Australian shepherd, and a Labrador retriever -- correctly identified cancer in 71 of 100 samples from lung cancer patients. They also ruled out cancer in 372 out of 400 samples that were known not to have cancer, giving them a very low rate of false positives, about 7%.”

I believe that cancer is very, very often misdiagnosed. Were you aware that pharmaceutical drugs that kill or stop mold (fungus) from growing inside your body, also stop cancer from spreading and one even kills cancer cells? Is this called “coincidence”, or “proof?”


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