Jun, 13

Antibiotics Cause Colon Cancer

antibiotics-colon-cancer  But you’d never know it by reading the headline alone! This headline is medical marketing at its best. Drug companies know that we consumers rely more on trusting our doctors than reading the small print, so let’s dissect the article. Here is the headline: 

Hidden within the text, is the truth about antibiotics causing colon cancer, in their own words: 

“…the results showed people who had taken antibiotics, including penicillins, quinolones and metronidazole, were 8 to 11 percent more likely to develop colorectal cancer.”

The truth is, doctors hand out antibiotics like candy and, according to this article, are thus responsible for contributing to colon cancer. But we must also give both doctors and antibiotics credit, because sometimes antibiotics can save lives. According to a recent study, 80% of us, or 250,000,000 Americans, are prescribed antibiotics annually. Do the math. This means that 25,000,000 or us are at an increased risk of colon cancer annually, just due to antibiotics! The headline calls this a slight risk. The small print says that antibiotics represent a huge risk for colon cancer! Mix in poor food choices, alcohol and stress and it is no wonder doctors recommend colonoscopies!

There was also good news in this article. The authors hypothesize that lowered bacteria diversity in the gut (dead bacteria leading to increased yeast activity) following antibiotic intake may have something to do with the initiation of colon cancer. I thought that same thing, in 1978! Thank God they are learning, but at what expense to us? Antibiotics are mycotoxic poisons and mycotoxins are published as causing cancer-it is that simple. Now you know and someday they will, too.


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