Oct, 28

I’m Alive and I Have Fungus



Fox News recently reported that our forensic scientists are rethinking a scalp fungal infection in determining a crime scene death. The article pointed out that our brightest and best scientists thought that only dead people had their hair invaded by fungus, but they are now rethinking that. I was actually shocked to read this article, because many living people have seborrheic dermatitis, a fungal scalp condition that causes dandruff.

And herein lies the problem! Physicians are taught in medical school that fungi, with few exceptions, simply do not infect healthy people. If dandruff only grow on dead peoples scalp, they may be correct-because dead people are not healthy! It gets worse. Physicians are taught that only immune-compromised patients are susceptible to fungal infections, yet another myth that has long been dispelled-yet they hang onto their teachers beliefs. They are taught that fungal infections occur in cancer patients as “secondary responses,” and only when chemo and radiation have reduced their patient’s immunity to the point that they grow yeast throughout their bodies-only then will the patient get antifungal drugs. Yet antifungal drugs have been documented to help cancer patients as a primary, not secondary treatment. Even the American Cancer Society defines fungal byproducts (mycotoxins) as “mutagenic carcinogens.” They cause genetic mutations and cancer!

If misinformation on fungal symptoms and diseases weren’t so tragic, this might be a bit comical…I mean, who knew that living people had dandruff? PLEASE stay educated on the role of fungi in you and your loved ones health.






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