May, 04

Putting Corn To The Test



My dear friends, Mark and Karen sent me this email:

I had an interest thing happen recently. A friend of mine asked if I had a way to get some organic open-pollenated field corn (that is an old type of corn planted prior to the 1960's and was the corn of the native Americans). I found a man that had such corn and he gave me a few ears from last years harvest. Of course, it was still on the cob, not like the modern corn which they harvest with a lot of moisture in it and shell it off the cob. It had been kept covered in an open air corn crib to keep it dry.
My friend then took some of the corn to a lab and had it tested for aflotoxin and vomitoxin. A few days later he received a call from the lab. They wanted to know where this corn came from, because it tested ZERO for both mycotoxins! They couldn't believe it, because all the corn they test has mycotoxins in them! -

Mold testing labs are doing an excellent job. One can only imagine the shock they feel when corn, the most common food in the American diet, tests negative for poisonous molds. Yes, these fungal poisons are in most of our corn supply. Yep, mycotoxins are poisonous byproducts of fungi and they appear in our diets, according to a 2002 publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association,"commonly." 

Q.Doctor, why is my family always sick? We eat only whole grains, like corn, that dietitians recommend...
A. We just don't know


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