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Confirmation of the Fungus Link to Cancer

One of the many advantages of hosting a popular television show is that it opens so many doors for me to meet new friends. A few years ago, Pathologist Migdalia Arnan, MD, contacted me after I did a Know The Cause segment that linked cancer to fungus. She told me that she was very excited after watching the show and she told me that she had published a book on cancer (LINK) and had dedicated an entire chapter just to cancer and fungus. Many of you have a small collection of “must read” books as it pertains to my “fungus link” to disease belief. Dr Arnan’s book, while a bit technical, does definitely assure that any physician who may have dodged your “is fungus involved in cancer” question, would have to rethink the subject after reading her amazing book. Confirming my research and belief that there is absolutely no doubt that fungus does cause human cancers, this book gets an A+. Here are a few words directly from Dr. Arnan;

I believe that there are many contributing factors, including physical and mental, supporting the development of cancer. My discovery in 1978, of the appearance of the Green Granules, (GG) while examining fresh cancer cells from various cancers, suspended in saline solution and examined under light microscope, all specimens, 100%, showed the described GG. Thus, confirming previous cancer researchers, such as: Dr. William Russell, Pathologist at the School of Medicine, in Edinburg described in 1890, fungal form organisms in cancer tissues. Dr. James Young, from Scotland, in 1920, grew organisms from various cancers, he called the microbe "spore forms" Years latter in, in 1932, Dr. Royal

Reymond Rife, a research Pathologist, isolated an organism from a breast cancer. He injected this organism into 142 rats, and all the rats developed cancer. Late in 1940's, Dr. Virginia Livingston discovered the cancer microbe and with the help of Alexander Jackson, a microbiologist, they confirmed the organism to be filterable.

In 1983, Dr Tullio Simoncini, an Italian doctor, specialized in Oncology, expressed his idea that "cancers and tumors are the result of fungal infections. He treated and cured cancer patients with solutions of sodium bicarbonate, via a catheter. He noted that the cancer disappeared within weeks. (Sodium Bicarbonate is a strong antifungal)


The Germ That Causes Cancer

This book expounds upon the role of fungus in cancer.  Most physicians are unaware that common antibiotics may contribute to cancer while drugs that kill fungus often help cancer patients.  This is an important book that has been reduced to a much easier read for the layperson.  It includes a chemotherapy nurses notes, the confessions of a chemotherapy drug salesman and a physicians account of what he would do if he were diagnosed with cancer.  Includes diets.

Years later, I reexamined the stained cancer tissue slides and microphotographs of same and I confirmed microscopic round unstained microbial organisms within the cancer cells cytoplasm. The fact that this organism did not pick up the stain, I interpreted it to be due to the thicker wall of this infectious organism, as is naturally in fungus. Thus, I interpreted this organism to most likely be spores, as in fungus spores. Therefore, I strongly recommend that all surgical specimens suspicious of cancer, be cultured for fungus, warning the laboratory to stab the bloodagar culture medium and to keep the tissue culture for a minimum of a week before the final reading, since fungi in general, are microaerophylic( mostly anaerobic) and grow at a slower pace than regular bacteria.

As part of the cancer treatment protocol, I recommend, that the patient have his/her Blocked Emotions removed by a Practitioner of Energy Healing. This procedure will not only speed up the healing process but also will reduce the reappearance of the cancer and metastasis.

I foresee a future when people will be able clear their minds of negative thoughts, the Seed level where all diseases originate, by learning to control the negative body's desires. Do not let your body control you, but let your mind control your body. Mind over Matter.

Make Dr. Arnan’s book a part of your library by simply clicking here.


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