Sep, 21

Flu Shots




Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me!

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) gave the green light to a nasal spray flu vaccine called “FluMist” a few years ago and after we, the people paid $200,000,000 for FluMist nasal “shots” sales were halted, because FluMist simply did not work. Doesn’t “due diligence” call for more vetting and assurance studies before approving these drugs? You’d think so, but now, just months later, our CDC is once again giving the green light to yet another nasal flu vaccine. Word has it that the large drug company that sold FluMist knew far in advance of its delivery to doctors offices that it didn’t work.

With the CDC now giving a green light to a different nasal flu vaccine, do you find yourself asking, “what’s going on here?” I’d like to venture a guess why I feel this “hustle” just weeks before flu season begins, because I have to doubt that this new nasal “shot” has been vetted anymore than FluMist was. Flu season begins in October and peaks between December and February, so it is not surprising that “the flu shot hustle” has begun. But why does our CDC give the green light to flu vaccines? I thought he FDA did that! A friend of mine, who was a New York State Assemblyman, wrote a book years ago and in that book he stated that drug companies and governing boards within governmental agencies like the FDA and CDC were financially a revolving door between the two.

The FDA will approve of these questionable vaccines if the CDC will “green light” them, all the while scratching the backs of the pharmaceutical industry leaders. I’m not certain that is accurate, but it does beg some very interesting questions. Here’s one that we should all be asking; you gave a green light to FluMist and it generated some $200M in sales. Whom do you work for? Is it we, the people, or is it drug companies? If you work for us, why not publish documentation this time, in easy to read lay-English that, unlike FluMist, you fully vetted this new nasal flu vaccine before releasing it to doctor’s offices.

If you work to assure sales and income for drug companies, we will then know to exercise caution when thinking about using your recommend medical treatments. The bottom line is this; the CDC knows quite well that parents will more likely spend money to vaccinate their children against the flu if no needle is involved, hence this “green light” for a new nasal vaccine. What’s my take on all of this? I believe that viruses can cause the same symptoms as mold. Inhaling mold for 4-5 hours daily in schools might take a teacher 4-6 weeks to suffer from cold and flu symptoms and perhaps take children a bit longer.

So “back to school” and flipping on the heat in October in HVAC systems and “flu season” just happens to coincide with flu season. Recall that in October or November, the HVAC, still damp from the air conditioner when school let out in June, is now blowing heated air back through those same damp and moldy vents. First, students get substitute teachers within weeks of school starting, because mold affects older immune systems more than young ones.

Next, weeks later, there are dozens of children absent. TV news assures us that the flu is causing the absences. The CDC knows quite well that parents will more likely spend money to vaccinate their children against the flu if no needle is involved, hence this “green light” for a new nasal vaccine. Remember, this is just my hypothesis on our annual flu problem. Don’t let this blog influence your decision to get or to avoid a flu vaccine.


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